Monday, December 31, 2012

First Day of School

 They are all officially in school now.  Olivia started kindergarten, Blake started 1st grade and Arabella began 4th grade.  Where did the time go??  They are one good looking group.

Little Brides

Dresses and makeup by Arabella & Avery.

Happy 7th Birthday Blake!

Blake turned 7 with a trip to Kobe and a ride on the go-carts.  He was finally tall enough to ride them, and I have never seen him so excited:)

Liv & Lucy

 I cannot keep this doll's name straight.  At first she was Lucy.  Then Liv started calling her Elizabeth.  The she came to me last week calling her Liv.  I said, "I thought her name was Lucy Elizabeth.  Now is it Lucy Elizabeth Liv?"  She looked at me very seriously and said, "she has lots of names."  Stay tuned to what is added by next week.

Sisters Rock!

 Sunbathing Beauties.  Sisters just rock!

My Dancers

 My girls getting ready for dance class.  Sissies rule!

Speculative Blake

Arabella took this photo in a rare quiet moment for Blake.  He looks so sweet and thoughtful.  Of course, I had to get a hold of it.  It's framed upstairs actually.  I think my big girl might have an eye for photography.  I look forward to watching her talent.

Happy 5th Birthday, Liv

Liv had more than one birthday party because that's just how she rolls.  This was the first of those celebrations at All Fired Up, the ceramic store.  She and her friends finished painting and promptly began doing each others hair.  I wondered why I didn't plan a beauty salon party instead.  Happy Birthday, Super Dooper Cooper.  You are one of a kind!

Almost Five

 This is Liv...all glittered and pinked up preparing for her fifth birthday party.  After several changes and photos, she settled on the outfit below.  It was a very important decision for an almost 5 year old cutie.

Guitar Anyone?

 Arabella got a new guitar and began lessons.  Her brother and sister got in the box...


Our first egg from our new hens...An Americana picks green as her egg color.  The kids were so excited.

Blake Goes to Market

This photo was after a trip we made to the local farmer's market.  Blake found this watermelon and insisted that he carry it.  I took this picture to send to his Daddy at work.  For some reason I still love it, so on my blog it goes.

Cabo Shots

 I've already blogged about Cabo as I had the most amazing time taking photos there.  But I found a few photos I had not shared from my i-Phone that I wanted to add.  They are wonderful memories.

 This was a drawing of the deck that we were lounging on that Blake drew.  My wine glass looks huge:)

Love Notes From Liv

Olivia Buxa, Age 5

My Personal Pot of Gold

 We get so excited when it rains here in the summer time.  Often we go from May to September without a drop.  When it does happen, it cause excitement like snow in the winter.  Even better than the rain itself on these hot days, is the rainbows it produces.  My own personal pot of gold stands at the end.

Ruffy Massin & His Kitties

 This is what happens on a hot summer day after a swim in the pool.  The kids get bored and they turn themselves into dogs and cats.  For this day, Ruffy Massin was a dog who got along with his Kitty friends.

My Angry Bird

My Blake loves Angry Birds.  He looks so angry:)

A Pile of Kids

WES Camp

 It was summer, so it meant it was time for WES Camp (Whiskeytown Environmental School).  The kids spent the week exploring the lake, learning about preservation, playing games, making crafts and catching frogs.  It's one of their favorite adventures every summer and even better with the Jones in attendance.  Below is Liv with her BFF, Campbell. 

Camping in a Crater

We camped for 3 days in the bottom of a crater in Mount Lassen.  It was a buggy adventure full of pristine views and overall dirtiness with one of our favorite families, The Lockwoods.  The dirt, marshmellows and lack of bed time made the kids overjoyed.  It's an adventure we won't ever forget. 

Being Liv

Just another day in the life of Liv...being driven around, going shopping, going to Red Robin and drinking her Starbucks.  I want to be the baby.

Clive Bum Tail

 Clive Bum Tail is a cat who appreciates wine and good quality shoes.

Orange Belt

 In June, Blake received his orange belt.  This is a couple of photos from the belt ceremony.  He is showing his respect to the belt and the hard work that went into moving up in his rank.  I am proud of my man. 

Sewing Camp

Arabella attended sewing camp several times over the summer.  Here are a few samples of her projects.   The top photo is two dresses she made for herself and her American Girl.  The next is her and her friend, Alyssa, with some pillow cases they created.  Below is a really neat apron she impressed us with.  She developed a real passion for sewing and even received a new sewing machine for Christmas from Santa.  We love having a capable seamstress in our home.