Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Yellow Belt

Blake was promoted to yellow belt last Wednesday night at karate.  We are so proud of this beautiful man.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh Livvy Brynn

All three of my children went to see the pediatrician last week for their annual check-ups.  While they all received the flu vaccine, Olivia also required two other shots.  She was really revved up to get them...until she actually got them.  Then it became drama for the entire evening.  She went on and on about how much they still hurt and how she never wanted to ever get any shots again.  I told her really only had 2 more before Kindergarten and then she was pretty much done for a while.  She adamantly said, "No way.  I am never getting any shots again."  Me, thinking I could out smart her, told her she had to get just 2 more or they wouldn't let her start Kindergarten next year.  I had logic behind my statement because she loves her best friend and school so very much, I thought for sure she would say "OK" and stop ranting about it for the evening.  As usual, I cannot predict my baby or her behavior.  She sat there thoughtfully for a minute and then said, "OK Mommy.  I guess I will never go to school again."  Talk about my plan backfiring.  She actually got up the next morning and told the kids she did not need to get ready for school because she was never going to go again.  When will I ever learn?

This shot of from the North Shore.  Liv loved Daddy dipping her upside down in the ocean.  She is my thrill seeker. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday, Arabella!

Arabella.  She is Bella Boo.  Pooh-B, Pooh Bear, Poo-Be-Choo-Be, Poobs.  Big Girl, Sissie.  Bella, baby girl and Angel Face.  If you call out any of those names, she will turn to you.  I cannot even begin to sum her up in a paragraph, but I thought I would remind myself what I am thinking today many years from now.
She is caring and nurturing, loyal and loving.  She is smart.  She is beautiful and has no idea.  She is my little friend.  She sees things I do not see and is wise beyond her years.  She was born that way.  She loves her family fiercely as well as her friends.  She is talented.  Both physically and mentally.  She connects with people.  They seek her out.  She wants to go to college in Paris.  A design house is her plan.  She has already filled up pages of sketch books.  Last week she drew her wedding dress.  I told her she would redraw it a thousand times. She excels at most anything she tries except for singing. She likes to make people feel good and can make her sister stop crying no matter what.  She tells me she loves me everyday and kisses me goodbye at school every morning.  She makes me proud.  I am pretty sure she is plotting to take over my shoe collection.  They are already hers.  
I love you, baby girl.  You changed my life.