Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being a Kitty

Olivia was sitting on my lap watching TV the other night and she asked me, "Mommy, what are you going to be when you grow up?"  I answered that I was already grown up and said, "I am a Mommy and a photographer.  I take pictures of you and other people."  She looked at me very thoughtfully for about 10 seconds and then stated, "I think you should be a kitty."

I don't know why my children are always less-than-impressed with my real life jobs.  Being a kitty does sound kind of nice...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Run For Cover

When Blake gets on a sled, we all run for cover.  He's take no prisoners...stay out of the way.  This was from a trip to Mount Shasta about a month ago.  We intended on going iceskating, but ended up doing some sledding.  As you can see, Blake was more than pleased with the change in plans.  His tongue sticking out like that just kills me.  I love it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Miss B

Look at this old picture of Blake and Miss B...so stinking cute.  Miss B mostly stays in Arabella's room...every once in a while a guest will bring her out not knowing her high position in Arabella's heart.  Bella, being the wise big sister, will discretely replace her with a less important baby doll so as not to offend the guest.  It always make me smile when it happens.  I love that she still protects her.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hawaiian Bella

I told you I have been digging in my archives.  I came across this adorable picture of Arabella and had to share it.  We were in Hawaii and she was 2 years old.  The Poo-Be-Choo-Be is beyond angelic here.  It was a nice trip...and it seems like forever ago.  We are in need of some island time again soon.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Beloved YaYa

We have a few sacred and valuable things in the Buxa household, but none are probably more beloved than Livvy's Dirty YaYa.  It was a pink Little Giraffe Blanket given to her by yours truly.  All three children were gifted with one at birth and have referred to them as Lovies, until Olivia came along.  We would ask her if she wanted her Lovie and she would say, "No, it's a YaYa."  In it's hey day, it was a pale pink piece of baby perfection.  Now it is a mangled, dirty, taupe colored, no satin Ya Ya.  She has one exactly like it that is still soft and pink, but she will tell you time and again that she wants to dirty one.  It's the go-to soother when you are upset or sleepy.  

For the record, it is actually washed once a week and smells quite lovely like a baby...I just thought I would throw that out there.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Gary and Blake are in need of an intervention of sorts.  Blake got a Nintendo DSi about a month ago, and he and his father can't seem to put it down.  Their vice is Super Mario Brothers, and they play it obsessively. They were finally just about through all the worlds and castles this weekend, when Blake erased their saved games.  Gary had come to play in his last world setting and nearly had a panic attack looking for their missing place.  Blake said, "Daddy, I am sorry.  I didn't know what I was doing when it happened."  Gary then told Blake it looked like they were up for an all-nighter to catch back up to their spot.  Yeah, right.  The rest of this tale comes courtesy of Daddy.  Later in the evening, they were sitting together by themselves in their designated playing spot and Blake said, "Daddy, I really wish I knew how to read because then I wouldn't have accidentally erased our spot."  Gary said, "OK, Blake.  Let's start now.  Erase is spelled E-R-A-S-E."  Blake responded, "OK, Daddy.  I will never forget it." 

This photo is another retro throwback from a family trip to Ridge Vineyards down in Santa Cruz in 2006.  It was such a beautiful place, and we got some neat pictures of our 2 kids at the time - Blake and Arabella.  Blake is less than one year old in this picture.  He was such a little lug of a boy.  It's ironic now that he is so skinny.  I really miss those curls in his beautiful blonde hair.  He is still so very good.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sweet Cheeks

I found this one while browsing my archives.  I actually named it 'sweet cheeks' at the time because of those kissable, little pudgy things.  I love his sweet smile here, but I also think of the time this was taken. It was Christmas in 2007 and Blake was not quite 3 months old. My father had just died less than 2 weeks earlier.  So, I look at this photo and I think of this beautiful baby boy, but I also think of my Daddy and how much I miss him.  These sweet little cheeks were so much of what kept me going at that time.  I had welcomed a new man into my life and lost the first man in my life.  Blake was like a life preserve for me...and still is.  I feel like a piece of my Daddy lives on in him, and that makes me smile.  It's just one more reason he is so good.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Going Retro

How did we ever say no to this little Pooh Bear face?  She looks like a puppy with those dog ears.  I was digging in my archives this week and came across this old picture of Bella.  I think she is about 2 years old.  It made my heart melt.  When did my little girl grow up?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where is the Baby?

At bed time a couple of weeks ago, I was rounding up the children to go upstairs.  I couldn't find Olivia, which is not totally unusual as there are many little hiding spots she likes to play in around the house.  The odd part was that it was dark, and she tends to stay where the kids are because none of them like to be alone in the dark. I checked all of her usual spots that she might be playing and when I still couldn't locate her, had to employ Arabella to help me.  We both wandered for a good five minutes through the house calling her - and apparently both wandered past her several times.  During one pass from the play room to the kitchen, I finally noticed my baby girl...passed out under the kitchen bar stool. When your sleepy, sometimes you've just got to sleep.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Budding Photographer

Two weeks ago the Grant PTO had an Art Fair for the kids.  Each student was allowed to enter 2 pieces of art work and there were 4 different categories.  This year they held judging for the first time and gave out ribbons for the winners in each grade.  Arabella entered a mixed media piece that was done with pastels and colored pencils and a photograph that she took from Burney Falls.  As you can see from the photo, our baby girl won first place for her photo.  She was so sweet when she found out that she had won.  She stood there and stared at it with her mouth open in shock.  Once it sunk in, she spent the evening sharing her news and showing her photo to anyone who would listen.  I am proud that the apple seems to have not fallen far from the tree.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Place

Today was the first annual Grant Family Fun Run and Challenge at Whiskeytown Lake.  The whole family ran...or I guess you could say Gary, Blake & Arabella ran.  I walked, ran or carried Liv on my back,  my hips, my shoulders while she alternated being happy and whining and/or crying...you get the picture.  Anyway, it was a 2 mile race, and the kids ran their hearts out.  At the end of the race, Arabella found out that she was second place for the 2nd grade girls.  We were very proud of her and Blake for running the entire way with Gary.  They were announcing the winners for each grade and presenting medals, and we were stunned to find out that our own little Blake Buxa won first place for the Pre-K kids.  He was so surprised and so proud.  You could not wipe the smile off of his faee.  And Mommy, was a little bit proud as well.  It made my heart swell seeing my little dude up there with all of the winners from every grade.  Maybe he will follow in his Daddy's foot steps and be a marathon runner someday.  He's still wearing the medal around his neck.  It's so good.

Friday, March 11, 2011

So Good

They are having Kindergarten Round-up at Blake's school on Tuesday.  I had to register him for the fall and fill out a bunch of paperwork over the weekend.  Within the paperwork was a questionaire for his new teacher asking us to tell them about our child.  I filled out over 2 pages of information on my handsome man and at the end of the survey, it asked, "Is the anything else you would like to tell us about your child?"  My answer was very certain and obvious.  I wrote, "He is really just a good man."  No more words were necessary.  I can imagine what his teacher will think of me when she reads that.  At least she will have a heads up.
I think this is my favorite picture of him.  Ever.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

California Girl

She loves to sing.  Her favorite song is California Girls by Katy Perry, but she also has her own made up song that she sings on a daily basis. It changes with whatever she is thinking about that day, but she always says, "and you know... and you know" and draws it out over and over.  It's very emo, very cute and very Liv.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Cooper

She looks like a little angel.  
She dressed herself up while Arabella styled her, and then asked for a photo shoot.  I must give credit to my photo assistant, Arabella.  She was, as always, full of ideas.  I have so many cute ones from this day, but I thought I would share this one first.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blue's Clues

I haven't been on here since February 20th...way too long.  Life kept me too occupied to give this any second of time, but hopefully that will be changing now.  A small run down...I attended a photography convention in Las Vegas, my lap top started breathing it's last breaths, I got a really awesome Mac Book Pro and my Mom came to visit from Texas.  The lap top has been my biggest blog issue given it impeded my photo editing abilities...and I have had to switch everything over to Mac...all little things that want to take up my time.  The good news is I picked up some good knowledge and tools from the convention I attended and now my software is all new.  Plus, my new computer is just really cool.

I have so many pictures and stories to share from the last 2 weeks.  This picture I am posting has nothing to do with my story, but rather is just an older picture of Arabella that I found on my computer and decided to share.  The story that is on the front of my mind right now is about Blue's Clues as it just happened.  Last night Blue's Clues came on TV.  Livvy said to Gary, "I really love Booz Cooz.  Can we please watch Booz Cooz?"  I made me stop and smile because I have had 3 little "Booz Cooz" kids...all have said the title the exact same way at some point in their life.  I actually told Gary, "I need to put that on my blog.  I never want to forget that they said that."  So here you go, me...for your future tears of remembrance.