Saturday, January 29, 2011

Head Egg

Blake came to me earlier in the week and said, "Momma, I have a head egg.  I think I need some Motrin."  Only the doctors' kid diagnoses himself and prescribes medication.  I love that it is a head egg, too.  Headache is so dull.  Blake makes the world more interesting.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Have a Cow

Arabella left her beloved rock collection on the table the other day and took off for some other activity that caught her attention.  I was sitting at the table looking through some mail and Olivia came over and started rifling through the rocks.  I said, "Olivia, I wouldn't dig in that too much.  You know your sister is going to come back in here and have a cow if she sees you going through those."  She nodded at me thoughtfully and seemed to be considering the idea.  Then she said, "Mommy, when I am big like Sissy, I am going to have a cow, too."  Oh Super Duper...even though you have no idea what you are saying...I can only imagine the cows you will have.

She was eating snow up at Mount Shasta in the picture above.  I liked it.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's Spooky

Gary was busy one night last week giving Arabella a serious(nerdy) lesson on water density and temperature and, in process, asked her if she knew what steam was.  Her answer was, "Yes, Daddy. It's really spooky looking air."  Excellent description, Little Pooh Bear.  Perfect.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Love You Google

Blake and his best friend Nicholas love to talk about Google.  Blake is convinced that Nicholas can count that high because he told him so, and he really wants to be able to do it himself some day.  I don't even personally know how to do that, but I love hearing him talk about it.  His love for numbers has morphed into a love of math.  He walks around the house doing addition all of the time.  "Momma, what's 7+2? It's nine.  What's 4+4?  It's 8, you know."  And so on...he will go on and on like this for hours.  We know that his adult helmet, giant sized Buxa head is housing a big brain, for sure.  Aside from loving to hear him adding and subtracting with such ease for his age, he has another phrase that warms my heart.  "Mommy, I love you google."  He says it everyday, multiple times.  He's so good.  And he's super good looking.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Super Man

Gary took Arabella & Blake skiing on himself, up the ski lift and all at Mount Shasta and got everyone all the way down the mountain in one piece.  He's totally Super, right?  I think this is my favorite picture of him ever.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm Raising A Mob Boss

I cannot even make this stuff up.  I cannot even believe I am sharing it, but I have to recall it someday so now you get it, too.  Tonight, Olivia's YaYa went missing.  For those of you who don't do Olivia-speak - that's her blanket.  I quickly offered the kids a bribe to find it as I was trying to clean up the table from dinner.  I said, "Whoever finds the Ya-Ya gets a quarter..."  Blake quickly said, "A quarter...that's not very much.  How about 3 quarters?"  Arabella pipes up, "No way, Blake.  Mom, 4 or 5 dollars or we're not interested."  I may have sat there slack jawed for a couple of seconds...because what 7 year old demands $4 or $5?? I responded, "you are not the negotiator.  There are no negotiations.  It's 3 quarters only, and you have to do it anyway."  They all ran off (there may have been eye rolling, but I didn't catch it).  Arabella comes back less than a minute later, "I found it!  I won!"  Simultaneously, I hear screaming...My response, "Yes, you may have found it, but you left your sister upstairs in the process and she's scared.  Next time if you want your pay-off, don't leave your sister alone in the dark."  I think I got, "Oh, man..." as a reply and a possible eye roll (I didn't catch it, but knowing her...)   She's a mob boss in the making...and she looks so innocent.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Rah Rah

Last weekend, on the way to Mount Shasta to go skiing, we stopped off at a Pizzeria in Dunsmuir along the way.  It was a Sunday afternoon so there was NFL football playing on the big screen.  Blake noticed it as soon as we sat down at our table and pointed it out to me as he loves going to football games with his Daddy.  I looked over to watch it with him and they flashed some cheerleaders on the screen.  I suppose I was looking for some admiration from my main boy as I told him Mommy used to be one of those cheerleaders on the sidelines - just like the girls they were showing and that I had been on TV a few times.  Blake was just staring at the screen open-mouthed when Arabella pipes up, "Mom, that is really just SO embarrassing."  I just sat there completely stunned as I was trying to wow them with my coolness.  But alas, I am just the embarrassing Mom.  I still maintain that someday she is going to think it's cool. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Really Good Man

So I just posted earlier this morning about how good my little man was.  How could I know that this afternoon he would get even better?  He was all about helping Mom with some chores (he wants a car that climbs the wall because he apparently didn't get one for Christmas).  I was trying to think up some things he could help me with that he wouldn't make a bigger mess of.  I sent him to get dried laundry out of the dryer and told him he could put the wet laundry from the washer into the dryer after he had the basket filled.  Five minutes later he comes wobbling into the living room with a huge basket of laundry and an even bigger smile.  He tells me, "Momma, I just got your laundry, put a new load in and started it!"  I think my eyes may have popped out of my head as I raced to the laundry room.  Both the washer and the dryer were going...he had started the dryer correctly (it's digital), and he had put a NEW load of laundry in the washer and started it perfectly as well.  I immediately stopped the washer wondering how many different colors were mixed in there, but it was perfect - all light colors.  I do have to tell you that my washer nearly runs on it's own as you only have to add detergent and fabric softener every six just requires pressing the right settings and hitting start...which apparently Blake had seen just enough to do it right himself. 

Now that's a good 5 year old man, right?  I am training him up right.

A Good Man

Yesterday we took the kids up to Mount Shasta for some skiing.  They are starting to get it and really like it.  I have a ton of pictures as I basically sat there with my camera as Gary took turns coaching all three of them on their skis.  I have just browsed through them to edit, but I had to post this one of Blakey as he is looks so stinking cute.  He is such a good looking man...So very, very good.  Those cheeks were made for kisses.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We woke up this morning to snow, snow, snow.  It may be normal for most of you out there, but for us Californians, it was "Wow! Wow! Wow!".  I can count the number of times it has snowed here in the last 10 years on one hand.  The kids were so excited, an outside observer might have thought they had never seen snow.  As soon as they woke up, they were dressed and out the door to play.  I jumped out of bed and plodded after them still in my robe, but armed with my Uggs and my new lens.  They spent a good hour frolicking in the snow, sledding down the hills and throwing snow at each other before they decided they were done with the snow.  The rain came and has washed most of it away now, but it was sure a fun surprise while it lasted.

Gary asked me while we were falling asleep if I had any New Years resolutions.  I told him I had none.  I have my life.  I am just going to live it.