Thursday, April 29, 2010

Put Your Name On It

Arabella was wandering around the house last week with her hot pink I-pod in tow singing very loudly and unbeknown to her, entertaining Carla and I immensely. She tends to make up her own words to songs when she can't understand them so it's pretty funny to listen to her. She was belting out some Mamma Mia and then suddenly, Beyonce entered the mix. We heard, "Uh, Uh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh...If you like, then you should have put your name on it..."

We looked at each other and cracked up. I have no intention of correcting her as I love her own personal version. It's Oh-So-Bella...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This was Arabella and Willa playing last week after school. They were a queen and a bride for the afternoon. Snapping pictures was near impossible for me as they would not stop hugging, giggling and kissing each others cheeks. Their friendship is so sweet and pure. It is a joy to see.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We Miss You, CooCoo

We have had some serious crying and wailing this afternoon at my home as the CooCoo had to depart back to her real life. Blake sobbed at the airport and sadly held his hand to the glass to "touch" her one last time. Arabella stood there crying silently with one large tear drop trailing down her cheek while Liv just pounded at the glass and waved cheerily. I thought the dramatics would end once we left the airport, but it was just the beginning. Blake insisted we get one "last look" at the airplane she was leaving in, so we circled the airport and stopped so he could "see" her (he really inspected the windows). He then cried the whole way home. Then as soon as we arrived, Arabella ran upstairs, jumped into CooCoo's bed and covered her head with the pillow. She surfaced 30 minutes later clutching the pillow, tears still streaming telling me about how it just "wasn't fair" that CooCoo had to leave. It is now almost 6:00 and I am only hearing sporadic "I miss CooCoo's" every now and again.

So even though she is no longer physically here with us in California, she is still close, on our minds and in our hearts. It goes without saying, but we love you CooCoo, and we miss you so.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Beauty of Number 3...

The beauty of baby #3...she potty trains one day. After 6 1/2 years of constant diapers, I am free in one day.

This picture is with her pink chick that the Easter Bunny surprised the kids with on Easter morning (another long story that involves the Easter Bunny being locked out of the house and threatened for doing it behind my back). Alas, those chickens have found a happy, new real chicken home.

And CooCoo is on her way to visit us. Life is good

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blakey Gives Good Face

Blakey got in some posing action last night for me. I was so excited to have his attention because I can hardly get him to slow down enough to look at me during the day. I swear, I take hundreds of pictures of him on the move or just passing by. Last night, he was trying to give sissy a run for her modeling money. Arabella did manage to poke her head into a few shots, but Blake was very adamant that I take photos of HIM. He is so very good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Beauty

She looks so grown up to me in these pictures. Last week, we were watching the movie Aquamarine, and she decided she wanted her hair wavy like the mermaids'. We french braided her hair and let her play in the sun all day. The result was these beautiful pictures of my own little mermaid. I swear she is 6 going on 16...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's Hard to be the Baby

It's hard work being the baby of the house. It's even harder to throw a fit and get noticed when you have 2 other people making as much or more noise. Liv is a girl of black and white absolutes. She is absolutely happy or absolutely angry. Last night at dinner, Gary told her to go throw away a napkin she had spit some food into. She wanted to put it on my plate instead. He told her sternly to go put it in the trash. She chose her number one coping method - hide her face in her arms - if she can't see you, she can't hear you. I like her train of thought, but I digress...She will hold this pose indefinitely to get a rise out of someone...anyone. We ate dinner and continued our discussion ignoring her display. I commented to Gary that "at least she is a girl with conviction..." Several minutes went by, and she still hadn't moved. I finally glanced over to make eye contact and found she was sound asleep.

It was a long day, and it's really hard to be the baby girl with conviction.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm Americanish

Carol was babysitting the kids the weekend before St Patrick's Day and was discussing it with Arabella and Blake while tucking them in. She explained that she was Irish and her husband was Polish. Arabella responded, "Well, I am Americanish...part from Sacramento, lots from Texas and born right here in Redding."
I took this with my new camera this weekend. I have a new 18 mega pixel baby that I have had very little opportunity to use thus far. I will have to get on it this weekend.