Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Toothless Fairy

It's kind of hard to see, but I found a shirt for Arabella that says "Toothless Fairy." Needless to say, it's her favorite shirt. She asked for this photo shoot last week. It was blazing hot, but we played in the front yard for a while. After a weekend of record breaking heat (it was 111 degrees on Saturday), I am happy to report that Fall weather seems to be making an appearance. It's windy and cool with a high of 70 today. I have never been so happy to be pulling out the sweaters.

I find my little Pooh Bear to be simply stunning in the top picture.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Get Your Game Face On

DO NOT BE AFRAID:)!!! It's just Blakey's mean face. He puts this face on when he wants run really fast. He told me about this one evening when we were discussing how he was going to play soccer. The mean face is the key to Blake's speed. Now all we have to say is, "Blakey, put your game face on" and we get this hilarious face. He is so good.

On another note, I was just singing him his song, "Blake, Blake Jackson, Blake Jackson Carl Buxa, He's my Man, Oh, Yes. Oh, he is my man." Blakey responded to me, "Mommy's my girl..." This boy is the best! Really.

Good Girl?

Gary was just on his way out for some Saturday afternoon errands and asked which children wanted to accompany him. Blake and Liv immediately piped up that they wanted to go. Gary said, "OK, Baby. You can come, too. Are you going to be a good girl?" Liv replied very adamantly, "No" with the sweetest grin on her face. He took her with him anyway. Daddy must be a glutton for punishment today. Arabella and I are now enjoying a quiet afternoon together. Good Luck, Daddy.

I snapped these pictures yesterday during one of our 'Arabella' photo shoots. These are a few that touched me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mount Lassen

We climbed Mount Lassen nearly 3 weeks ago with the Lockwood Family, but I am just now getting around to sharing some pictures. It may have been almost a month ago, but time for me is hazy these days. This was a 'practice' hike for the guys who were climbing Half Dome in Yosemite the following weekend. The Dads climbed with the babies on their backs...the Moms lingered back to keep the troops in check. Surprisingly, we got to the top (at least the highest point they would allow us to due to a summer time accident - a 1/4 mile from the peak). It was a hard one with the kiddos, but the view at the top certainly made it worth it. Here are a few photos from the day...

The family in the lava tubes:

Daddy with some kids early into the hike:

Arabella and Alex:

Blake with his headlight in the lava tube. He thought it was the best:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Story of a Princess

Gary took the kids out to the new house last night to check out the latest progress. They were out there for over an hour exploring and searching for turkey feathers while Daddy did his inspection of our home and landscaping. The kids came bounding into the house with about 25 turkey feathers and covered in dirt, but happy and ready for a bath.

Fast forward to bed time. Arabella always goes in and reads a story to Olivia while Gary rocks her or makes up her own depending on the mood. Last night, the story began as follows:

A Princess Story
Arabella Buxa
Once upon a time, there was a princess named Olivia.
She's beautiful.
She likes feathers.
She's kind of dirty.
And she's a little bit naughty...
Gary laughed so hard that he sent Arabella to fetch the video camera. We love the doozies that come from our little Pooh Bear - even when she had no clue how funny she is.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We've Lost Something Else

If you look carefully, you will see what else has gone missing...

We had Tooth #2 say goodbye last night. Gary and I will both tell you it was more like "good riddance." Arabella did not spare us any of the drama the second time around (shocking, yes). Right as we were brushing our teeth to get into bed (already later than normal), Arabella declared that she could not brush her teeth because it hurt too bad and she wanted the tooth out. I tried to reason with her for a good 10 minutes (let me help, leave it alone, it's not ready, etc.), but I then called in the reinforcements, i.e. Daddy, the negotiator. I thought he could get it out quicker, but I think I was wrong about the quicker. I think we almost made it to an hour of haggling with her over it as Blake sat on the toilet giggling and clearly enjoying the show. Ultimately, Daddy was the one to free the tooth, although he did it on the sly. She had been adamant that we could not touch her tooth - that only she was allowed. I don't think I have mentioned that the tooth was literally hanging by a strand from her mouth. As she was wiggling it side to side, Daddy slipped his finger up and gave her own finger a good flick. The tooth went tumbling and we were all finally able to go to bed. I took some pics to mark the occasion, but she had a very bloody mouth. To spare you from the gore, I grabbed some shots before school with her loot from the tooth fairy. Much to her delight, she received some dollars and a Sacajawea coin.

No other teeth are loose as I write this, and I can say I am looking forward to the temporary reprieve from tooth pulling in this house. How many more does she have left??? We think she is after the golden statue in drama.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy 4 Years Little Man!

My beautiful boy turned four on Sunday and dear Mommy is just now getting around to blogging about his day. I blame it on children, a birthday party, sick children, sick Mommy, new house, old house and disorganization. Each category can take a little part in it (notice the children were listed twice), but in spite of all of the above, he had a wonderful day. When he woke up on Sunday morning and made his way into the living room, Gary announced his entrance like he was the king (he was, for sure). His grin could have lit up the house for a week as we sang his first round of "Happy Birthday." The day was filled with anticipation for him as his party was at 2:00 pm at the bounce house gym. I arrived earlier than the rest of the family as I had to fetch the cake and balloons. I was filling out some paper work and in bound my baby boy - running like he was on fire, and announcing, "it's my birthday!!" while beating his chest. It took a full minute for the rest of the family to catch up with him from outside. For a normally calm and sedate type of child, this was atypical, but joyous behavior.

I am happy to report that the rest of his party when much same as his entrance. There was much bouncing, cake and fun for all and way too many presents for any one child to receive at one time...a successful four year old day.

I know I ramble about my children growing up too fast, but it is really surreal to watch. Even more so in this past nine months (since he began school), his personality has become more prominent to the outside world and we are getting glimpses, behind the shyness, of the man to be. He is sweet, smart, funny, caring and oh-so-very loving. I will have succeeded as his Mother if he takes even 1/10th of all that he has to give at this point in his life - he has that much love exuding from him. I say this everyday (literally), but he is a good lovin' individual.

So, Happy Birthday to my little man. I still wonder everyday what I did on this earth to be so lucky to have you as my son. You are a blessing.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time Out

At soccer practice on Wednesday, Blake's coach called out, "Time Out Everybody. Go get some water." Blake stopped and looked at him and said, "Who's getting a time out?" Coach Jason told me the story and said, "Surely Blake has never had a time out..." Of course, not my little perfect angel, right?

I love this picture for some reason.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Wuv You!

On Wednesday night while watching Arabella and Blake at soccer practice, Olivia and I began a tickle game. You know we love making the girl laugh because she has the best laugh in the whole world and getting her to laugh is a piece of cake. I was literally just poking her and then tipping her upside down where she would look at Blake and Arabella and squeal with delight. After the second time I dipped her, she came back up and said, "I wuv you!" I think my heart melted right there...so of course, we kept our game up. Livvy got the tickles and Mommy got the laughs and the "wuv you" quotes I so desperately love to hear. It was a perfect trade off and one of those sweet moments I hope I never forget.

This picture of her is from this weekend in Yosemite. I love it because her hair is all wild, she looks so beautiful and slightly mischievous and it is 100% Olivia.

Incidentally, I just finished cleaning up the bathroom where Olivia was making a toilet stew of sorts with Blake's electric toothbrush. She had followed him into the bathroom and they shut the door - not an unusual occurrence as she likes to go with him sometimes. After they did not emerge for almost 5 minutes, I went into inspect. She had flushed one of the cat's mice down the toilet, then squeezed toothpaste and hair conditioner into the toilet and began stirring it with the toothbrush. Needless to say, the baby went straight into the bath. I think 11:30 is a bit early for a glass of wine for Mommy, right??

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yosemite 2009

What happens when you take 6 kids, all 5 years old and younger, and stick them in a tree house for a weekend with their parents? It sounds like a survivor type of show, doesn't it? And the tree house I spoke of was a three story cabin in Yosemite. In spite of the terror the description invites, we actually had a really good time.

We set off for another adventure with the Lockwood Family on Friday. This time, instead of camping on the cold ground, we opted for the warm beds of a cabin. The kids loved it because they had the entire loft to themselves where they got to sleep together and the parents loved it because we slept in (almost) peaceful bliss 2 levels below. The Dads spent all day Saturday fulfilling their testosterone needs by climbing Half Dome. They left at 7:00 - hiked 16 miles and returned at 5:00...a long day for sure. (I would have personally been left at the top probably if I had attempted.) While the boys hiked, Tara and I were on kid entertainment duty. We made out own amusement with our cameras...and as you can see, got some fun shots. The opening photo sums up that day for us - crazy kids on the loose.

I have included some of my favorite shots below. I am off to continue operation trip clean-up.

Here is the family with Half Dome in the background. Gary and Will got up and sat on that far tip off to the left:

Arabella and Alex requested I take this photo...

Pooh Bear in super model mode:

Boogie was posing like a big girl for me. I just want to tickle that little belly.

Blakey is my good lookin' Texas man:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things Change

We had a very busy day here at the Buxa household - school for the kids and then off to a late afternoon birthday party for our good friend, Nicholas, who turned four today. I thought for sure the kids would be so tired out after 2 hours of a bounce house extravaganza, but no such luck for Mommy. As I was making dinner tonight, Arabella sat chatting with me about school. We talked about what she did, who she played with, how her friends were doing, etc. I asked her if she played with a specific child from her class last year as she has maintained her "main bff's" even though they are in different classes. I wondered if anything had changed with her other friends. She told me that she really didn't play with this specific child much anymore. I immediately asked her why and she said, "Mom, this is first grade now...things change." I was momentarily thrown off by how old she sounded when she said that and I started to say, "I know, but..." She cut me off and said, "Mom, things can't stay the same always. It's different now."

I just want to know when I started getting schooled on the ins and outs of life by my 5 year old. I have to think that some of the teachers must be mentioning this at school as some of the children have been shaken up by their classroom shifts. It really just freaked me out that she was so calm about and so wise. Inside of me I was shrieking, "NO! Things don't have to change. You can stay your cute, tiny, sweet self." I know that's not rational or practical, but that's what the protective Mommy in me wants to sat out loud. Because I generally maintain my decorum, I zipped my lips and came here to pour out my frustrations. What will she pour on my soul next week?

These pics I have attached were actually from about a week ago. Arabella came prancing into the living room with her sun hat on and her Ipod and announced she would like to go and lay by the pool. I have no idea where she got this from given I never get even a millimeter of an opportunity to do that, but I had to capture it on film as she looked like such a diva. The bottom two pics are Blake and Liv frolicking poolside. I just love the look on my little man's face in the last picture. He is such a good man.