Thursday, August 20, 2009

Again, I am Old

Arabella and Blake have been sleeping together at night in her bedroom. Blake was getting all together too scared of the t-rex monsters in his room at night, so he took up residence in Arabella's room at the foot of her bed and has stayed there for the last few weeks. I was tucking them both in the other night and they asked me to tell them a story of when I was little (this is Arabella's favorite thing). I rattled off some story about my youth and then Blake said, "Mom, can you tell us a story of when you were a baby?" I replied, "Blake, when you grow up, you don't really remember things from when you were a baby." Arabella piped up, "Yeah, Blake and it was like a hundred years ago." I immediately gasped and gave her a dirty look to which she responded, "Really, like a 100 thousand years ago." She then broke out into hysterics at her funny joke.

I guess I am going to get told on a weekly basis now that I am old.

On a separate note, today was picture day for 1st grade. Arabella slept on curlers and when we took them down this morning, she looked like we had stuck her finger in a light socket - POOF! This is what she looked like after a full day of playing and school - much better. I actually thought she looked stunning, but then again, I always think that about my beautiful girl. I love that missing tooth. There is barely a moment she is not sticking her tongue out through the whole. The one next to it is threatening to come out, so I fear we are about to have an even bigger hole with a tongue peeking through. It really is the cutest thing. I love this age.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The First Day of Pre-K

Here is my little man - ready to charge into Pre-K. That may be a minor exaggeration, but he was excited to be going to the Cougar Class (before we got to school). When we got to the door to walk in, he grabbed my hand and said, "Mommy, I don't want to be a big boy." I coaxed him in by his hand and he was fine after tears, no nothing - out of either of us. Shocking, I know. The Pre-K class is kind of big and overwhelming, but I think seeing all of the familiar faces helped. When I picked him up, he was playing boisterously on the ground with his friend Grant, and the teachers said he had a great day. So my baby boy has moved longer my little Cubbie, but my Cougar.

Don't expect the tears thing to hold up for me come Kindergarten with this little one. He is too precious.
Here is my very poor attempt at getting a picture of all three of them before we left for school. Livvy game me one good smile, heard the camera click, and took off for the car. As Arabella says so eloquently, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit..." This was all I got.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The First Day of 1st Grade

Our little Pooh Bear had her first day of first grade today. What a difference a year makes - at least where I am concerned. Arabella hasn't changed at all accept that she is even more ready to kick me to the curb. Last year I had to be nearly kicked out of the classroom with the other helpless Moms to begin my crying as soon as the door shut. This year, as I pulled up to the school with Arabella, she asked me to drop her at the curb. Nice, huh? I was excited to meet her teacher and see her old friends and their Moms, and she asks me to drop her off. I managed to snap a few pictures of her (below) before she took off to the playground to play with her girl friends and be chased by her favorite boy. I watched her from afar as she granted me a couple of waves and smiles. When the morning bell rang, a stampede of bodies big and small began to their classrooms to begin the new year. I am not exaggerating when I say a stampede - these kids were running like they were on fire (my daughter doing it with them) until they saw Mr. Effa, the principal, and they slowed down to the appropriate pace. It was a little intimidating for me - seeing my little baby girl mixed in with the 'big' kids, but alas I managed out without any tears. According to Arabella, "First grade is so cool. It's so fun."

We'll see how I fair tomorrow with Blake and Pre-K. I will be repeating my mantra, "I will not cry...I will not cry." I'll let you know how it goes.

Here is Arabella and her new teacher, Mrs. Jorde:

Here is Willa, Mikayla and Arabella:

Our annual photo with Daddy:

My beautiful little girl...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Clive and Roscoe

I keep talking about these cats, but have yet to post a picture. So here they are. The one with the more white (on top in the above picture) is Clive. He's the crazier one of the two. Both are super loving and friendly. They love to cuddle, and most importantly, let any of my three children carry them around the house like babies. They have been a very welcome addition to our household.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Something is Missing

Look at the picture carefully. My little Pooh Bear is there, but something important is missing. I suppose it's not hard to pick out from the huge grin. That pesky tooth finally made it's grand exit tonight. We had already had an exciting afternoon as Arabella's gymnastics teacher asked to speak with me after class and informed me that Arabella was being promoted to Intermediate Gymnastics. We are so proud of her and she is very happy with her accomplishment. She looks like a runt in this class because most of the class is 9 or 10 years old, but she will catch up in her own way. On the way home, she was trying to show me, from the back seat of the car, how loose her tooth was becoming. I could see from my rear view mirror that it was bending all the way down to her gum line, so I told her it was gross and she should pull it out. For the next 2 hours, we listened to various rants and whines of the same thing..."My tooth hurts so bad. It's not coming out. It's bleeding. Will it hurt when it comes out? I don't want to pull it out. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts..." You get my drift I am sure. It was one 2 hour whine fest. We finally got so sick of listening to her, we told her to be quiet and leave it alone. She didn't listen and continued her rant in front of me of how it was making her crazy when suddenly, she said "OHHH!" and her eyes grew as big as half dollars. I met her "OHH" with a scream and we both jumped up and down. She was ecstatic - very much on a 'tooth fairy is coming' high. She immediately ran and put the bloody thing in her tooth fairy box and began plotting how much money she would be receiving tonight. We shall see how generous the tooth fairy is feeling. It was such a big deal for her. I got a little teary eyed as I washed it off for her to return to her box, but I held it together for the most part. Impressive for me, huh? Now I have my own little picket fence. Life is good.

This was moments after the big deal:
I thought she looked so sweet checking out her tooth here:

I told the kids to put their arms around each other for the picture. Olivia thought I meant to put her arms around herself, but then refused to remove them when I asked her to put one on Arabella...sassy much.

Here is the all important tooth box:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Progress

It may be hard to tell from these photos, but our house is progressing along quite nicely. We have windows, plumbing, wiring, tile roofing, most of the doors and they are about to start the stucco. We are still crossing our fingers for a December move-in. It suddenly seems like it is just around the corner. Here are some pics from today:

This is a pic of the family room. The kitchen is out of the pic and off to the left as is the game room.

This is a family pic, sans the photographer, at the top of the stairs. The board that Arabella is peeking over will be iron railing. The round disk above their heads is the top of the staircase. I have a really cool chandelier to go there.

Here is Blake, balancing precariously, on a board in his bedroom.

Her is Livvy, showing off her bedroom with glee. I just thought she looked cute, so I shared. She was wearing an Ariel necklace that sings "Ahhh Ahhh Ahhh..."
Here is Arabella showing off her grand suite. You can't see it in the pic because of the lighting, but she has a prime view of the entire Lassen Range...Spoiled much.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Another Pooh Bear Day

Arabella asked for this photo session last week, and you know I am not one to pass up that opportunity. As soon as I started snapping pictures, she began making the peace sign. Who know why, but it was completely adorable. She is looking so grown up to me. My Poo-B-Choo-B is turning into a little lady.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pool Pics

Here are a couple of snap shots of the kids from the pool this evening. Boogie danced for me while we waited for Gary to join her in the pool and the big kids practiced some partner jumping for Mom. A storm is rolling in here tonight - a very odd occurrence for Redding as we usually have only sunny skies from June until October. The wind is making me anxious for Fall. I think I am done with the heat.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bum Tail

After many months of talking and begging, we finally broke down and got the kids 2 kittens this past weekend. We adopted them through an organization called Forever Pets, which a no kill animal placement agency. They found these two guys along with their mother and 2 other siblings in a box on and on-ramp to I-5 when they were around 8 weeks old. Nice, huh? They are 5 months old and mostly white with orange patches. I have gotten a few snaps of them, but they are still sitting on my camera waiting to be downloaded. For as long as we discussed getting the kittens, we also discussed their names. After agreeing on their 'first' names, we let Arabella and Blake come up with their middle names. Arabella got to name Roscoe and came up with 'Roscoe Vanilla Snowflake' which has subsequently been changed (by her) to Roscoe Vanilla Romeo. The other kitten is named Clive and Blake got dibs on him. When asked what he wanted to name a kitten he responded, "Bum Tail." So Clive became Clive Bum Tail. We were kind of hoping he had a funny tail, but alas it's perfect and he is still Bum Tail. I wish I could record on here so you could hear Blake say his name. He sounds like he is from the deep south.

The evening after we got them, as we sat at the dinner table, Blake said, "Mommy, do the kitties speak Spanish?" Gary and I looked at each other and laughed. I suggested he speak some Spanish to them and see if they respond. He then told me the next day, "These cats don't listen. I tell them to do stuff and they just don't do it." I assume he was anticipating the obedience of a dog. I think these cats are good for all of them. It's kind of like me and my children. I tell them to do something and nobody listens...

I just picked some random photos to share. The top is Blake enjoying the pool in our raging heat. The pic of Liv is from her birthday. I asked her to smile for a picture to which she responded with that face because she was in a bad mood. I told her she might trip on her lip. And last, is Arabella, just being Arabella. She is on day 3 of cheerleader camp. I think we may have a little cheerleader on our hands.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


You all know that my Beauty is always coming up with some real doozies at me. She listens, takes in and repeats all that she hears (lovely, yes). And we can't really spell stuff out anymore in an attempt to talk about something we don't want her to hear...she just sounds it out and then starts in with her inquisition on the topic. Which brings me to her latest phrase that had Gary and I shaking our heads. My dearest son has taken to going "commando". He will start out with underpants on in the morning and by lunch time, he has, for whatever reason, taken them off during one of his many wardrobe changes. Some night last week, I was replaying the days events and told Gary about his "commando" tendencies (which Daddy thought was funny, of course). I vaguely remember Arabella asking what we were talking about at the time. Fast forward to Tuesday night. The kids were begrudgingly cleaning up their pool toys before bed time (they drag out many) and the clothes they had stripped off outside in an attempt to get into the pool quicker. We were just about finished and I assigned Blake and Arabella their last bits of clean up. I told Arabella to pick up all the clothes and bring them to the laundry room. I turned around to walk inside and Arabella called out to me, "MOM, Blakey is going COMMANDO again!" It was so funny hearing it come from her mouth and the tone that she used. She sounded like an annoyed little Mommy. I guess she has learned from the Master:)

She looks so old to me in these pictures. She is my little Beauty.