Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Livvy Brynn's Party Pics

This first pic is from the very end of her party - after she had been jumping in the bounce house and chasing the big kids for 3 hours. She was red, flushed and excited beyond herself. She jumped up on the rock, stood up and said, "Cheese!" Now that is a child of mine.

I put up a couple of my other favs from the evening. Arabella's BFF, Willa, loaned Olivia "Bear", her beloved friend, to blow out the candles. It was a very big honor. I also have to note her dress. Beautiful, Adorable, Kissable, Perfect...right? Olivia screamed up a bloody storm when I put it on her. She did NOT want to wear it, but alas, Mommy won because I wanted at least a few pictures of her in it in all of it's foofiness. She wore it the whole evening and Mommy got her way for once.

The last picture is the end of the evening - a quiet moment with Daddy as she fed her new baby Sarah. My baby is mothering a baby. It does a Mommy's heart good.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Liv!

Our little Big Girl is two years old today. All day she has been saying "I two!" with glee after constant nudging from Blake and Arabella with the phrase. After the first time she said it, I went over to the couch and tickled her and said, "you're two?" to which she squealed "NO!" over and over again. Now that's the girl I know - everything on her terms and nothing is so unless she feels like it - and the most important point - she has the right to change her mind multiple times on any given topic without question. This has been her "fun" trend recently. She asks for something she wants - then she doesn't want it - then she wants it again. Gary shakes his head and says, "typical girl..."

I asked Blake and Arabella what they want to teach her as she grows up. Arabella answered in true Arabella fashion: "I will teach her how to be nice and be really pretty." Hmm...OK. Blake's answer was all boy. "I'll teach her to play baseball. And how to growl and be mean." Nice, huh? I think he already has taught her the growling part as I have been seeing my beautiful baby girl chasing her siblings through the house while growling with her tongue hanging out. When I see this, I know she is either playing their dog or being Baby Monster. Both are a treat for us all.

We will be having a small party tonight with a watermelon cake (Arabella picked it out) since today is the actual day. Saturday is her actual party. I am keeping it low key - I really am. It will be a BBQ and swim party where we will enjoy more cake of another flavor. You know I couldn't use the same one.

As I quizzed Blake and Arabella earlier, I sat here thinking of what I personally wanted to teach our little girl as she grows. The list is endless so I won't torture you with that, but if I had to pick the most important thing, I would say to surround herself in love. No matter her age or where she is in life, to surround herself with those who love her and cherish her...to always know how much her family and friends love her and to acknowledge it, accept it and give that love back to them ten-fold. I think she can't go wrong if she listens to this musing from Mommy.

We love you, Boogiboo! You make our lives giggle.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Old and I'm Slow

I am old and slow...this is the deduction of my dearest, most eloquent oldest daughter. We were on our way out to our new home to meet Daddy (and annoy our poor builder with more questions) and Blake asked me if he could run faster than Arabella. I told him that he probably could not because she was older and had longer legs (they are all about competition these days). Arabella felt the need to chime in from the back of the car with a very detailed explanation of her own speed. "Blake, I am older than you so I am faster. When you get older, you will be fast, too. I can beat you when we run, and I can also beat Mommy. That's because when people become grown-ups, they get old and they can't run as fast as when they are kids. And we have more energy than they do so they can't keep up. I can totally beat Mommy in a race." I listened to her mini speech in silence, and as she continued I fought an offended smirk on my face. She noticed and asked if I was laughing at her. I told her, "No, I am just amused at your take on things." Amused and old and slow. I guess my mind will be the next thing to follow. I'll keep you posted - if I remember.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beeping Heart

Blakey just walked up to me while I was sitting on the couch surfing the Internet on my lap top and said with the most serious of faces, "Mommy, Can you feel my heart beeping?" He then grabbed my hand and laid it on his chest. When I smiled and said, "Oh, yes" he planted a big kiss on my lips and then ran off.

Have I told you all lately how good he is??

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who's My Girl?

Arabella and Livvy are so close. It is adorable. Arabella likes to say, "Who's my girl??" To which Liv will respond, "ME!!!" with glee. It is the sweetest thing. Blake has started to get a little jealous of the situation so he has been asking the question himself. The first time he asked, they were in the bath tub and Liv pointed at Arabella when questioned. Blake had a meltdown of epic proportions crying "Livvy said she's Arabella's girl and not my girl..." I tried to calm the situation by saying "she's belongs to both of you. Blake, you are her only brother and Arabella, you are her only sister so she loves you both." Liv seems to have picked up on the politically correct response and now will squeal "Me!" or "I am!" to whomever poses the question. Now, Mommy will say with an answer like that, that's my girl!
This is a really old picture I took of Arabella and Olivia in the park when Liv was about 9 weeks old and Arabella still 3 years old (nearly 4) in October of 2007. I just love it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Evil Monkeys

Speak No Evil
Hear No Evil

Smell No Evil?

OK - We may have gotten a little off with the last one, but I liked this nose picture better than the eye picture (they looked like they were trying to poke their eyes out). Gary plays a game with the kids - mostly Arabella - when she seems to not be paying attention to us, he starts barking orders at her like a drill sergeant (Sit down! Stand up! Touch your ears! You get the drift...). She loves the game, and Blake has been getting in on the action. This time, Liv had to join in the fun because she's a big girl, too. It was pretty cute so I couldn't resist sharing.
Happy Friday.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tennis Babe

So this morning, I decided to bring my camera and snap a picture of two of Arabella at camp. She posed for a couple of shots and then said, "Mommy, let me show you how I can hit it over the net." I agreed that I would love to see that although in my mind was not expecting it to happen because she had told us the first day of camp that she hit it over the net, but had not been able to do it yesterday. I gingerly tossed the ball her direction, lightly bouncing it in front of her. Next thing I know, I whirl of yellow flew past my face narrowing missing my nose by what I would guess was millimeters. I was so shocked, I spun around and looked at her. There she was, grinning like a Cheshire cat - so proud of herself and think it was pretty darn funny that she nearly took Mommy out. What a way to wake up Mom before she has had her morning Starbucks...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Note to Self...

This note to self has absolutely nothing to do with this camping trip, but I thought I would share some more of the pictures while I shared my musing.

Note to Self...Never let your 3 year old 'babysit' your 1 year old.

It sounds simple enough, doesn't it? It was nothing planned, but a spur of the moment thing that happened. I was trying to get a late morning shower in yesterday. Arabella was at tennis camp, so I had Olivia and Blake at home, and we were trying to get ready to go and meet Daddy for lunch. I jumped in the shower and within minutes, Liv was pounded on the door and whining. The last thing I needed was to be getting the baby ready while I was trying to get out of the house, so I told Blake to go get his Legos and play with Livvy while Mommy finished. Blake promptly grabbed her hand and led her out of the room. I was out of the shower within 5 minutes after this and the first thing I heard was giggling and talking from the other room. It was sweet sounds so I started drying my hair as fast as I could. I finished and could still hear them speaking softly in the other room. I was thinking to myself how Blake was doing a better job of "watching" Liv and occupying her attention than Arabella usually does. She had not come back into my room even once to tug on my dress and demand something. I walked into the kitchen marveling at my new found discovery only to gasp at the site before me. All I could say was "Wow!" There was a good reason that my little creature had not come back to demand my attention. She was more than occupied with her dear brother and our basket of finger paints. For who knows what reason, they somehow had detoured along the way to Blake's room for the Legos and ended up in the laundry room pantry and every jar of paint in the house. They, at least, each had a piece of their own paper - I give Blakey props on that, but they had each dumped what looked to be an entire jar of paint on to their respective papers. The paint was everywhere. All over the table, all over the chairs, all over the floor, all over their clothes, all over their skin, all in their hair...and a trail to the bathroom where Blake had led Liv to "clean" their dirty hands. All of this happened in 10 minutes...10 innocent minutes of Mommy trying to look presentable for the outside world. I took a deep breath, grabbed the baby and began my clean-up chore...this was all Mommy's mess now...just what I get for letting a 3 year old watch a 1 year old.

I have made a special note to self. I am already suspect when I hear silence coming from the other room. Now I will be suspicious about any extended conflict-free time among these two. They are a mischievous pair.

This was from College Beach

This was the kids "playing" with a caterpillar. That poor caterpillar...

This was from Fern Canyon.

This was outside the Johnson Redwood Forest:

And here is Blakey testing his balance skills at Fern Canyon:

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Will Survive...

That was my theme song going into this weekend...I Will Survive...

Somehow, we all did. Mother Nature did not beat me like I thought she would. Not to say that I am a tree hugging camper now - I would have easily chosen the Ritz Carlton over the coast of Trinidad, but for the sake of the kids, it was fun. They really had such a fun time playing with the Lockwood Boys...and they loved sleeping in the tent, running around dirty and making s'mores. I will say, I would not have done this without my dearest Tara. She nursed me along this experience and somehow, 2 couples and 6 kids came out with smiles. We were smelly and cold (it was about 65 during the day and 50 at night), but we had some good memories and great photos. So now, 8 load of laundry later, we are feeling nearly normal and ready for our next adventure. Next stop: Tennis Camp for Arabella this week. It should be entertaining.

These are just a few of the shots I got from the weekend. Tara and I managed to take 322 pics between the two of us. Once I get some more editing time, I will share some more.