Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey Baby!

Hey Baby - What are you up to?? No good for sure. I found Olivia hiding in the laundry room by herself last week. I get worried when she is either A)Quiet or B)Alone. She was both of these so I knew it was no good. She happened to find a missing plastic Easter egg with some starburst in it. Instead of running the risk of either Mommy telling her she couldn't have it or Arabella and Blake stealing it from her, she quietly snuck away to the laundry room. Smart girl...

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Here are a few shots of Blakey at Grasshopper Kickball. There are about 12 three-year-olds on his team. It is adorable to watch him. He get so very excited about it. It is just a month long session so his last game is next weekend, but I am looking forward to seeing his beautiful smile when he gets his trophy. He is so good.

Oh - the bottom photo is obviously not from kickball, but from our backyard during a flower picking session with Olivia. I just liked the photo, so decided to share it:)

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Don't has become the word of choice out of the mouth of our little babe as of late...that and stop. I wonder where she learned these words and why she has to say them so often?? It couldn't be her oh-so-innocent brother and sister tormenting her, right? Even though she clearly suffers from third child syndrome, the girl holds her own. She's a feisty little one.

These are just a couple of shots from yesterday while she and Blake were picking flowers in the back yard. Most of them are just funny to me because of the looks she gets on her face. She is so animated and can bury a person in the ground with some of her dirty looks. We can tell very clearly when the child is annoyed before she makes a noise. Her face says it all. The last picture was from Blake's kickball game this morning. She is an accessory girl and was sporting those leopard print sunglasses so I had to snap a pic. I have some great pics of Blake playing that I will share on a separate post. Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 24, 2009


I had to share a few pics of Arabella over the past couple of weeks. She and Willa had some fun times together over Spring break. I just love watching their sweet friendship grow. They are so girly and fun together - always with their heads together giggling and telling secrets, and lucky for me, always willing to stop their adventures for a quick pose. Both girls have been especially excited for the impending arrival of her 2nd baby brother, who made his debut this week. I can truly see this two being best friends forever.

The bottom picture is from Easter Sunday. For anyone who has spoken to Arabella since Kindergarten started, you will have certainly heard of "Cade." They play all the time - usually some form of chase. I think it's safe to say that he is her first "crush" as she can't say his name without giggling, and even informed me last week that he was cuter than Edward:) Now you have a face with the name.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ahh - My Closet

Vanna White here is modeling my closet for you. It may just look like a bunch of boards to you, but to me, it's my own personal heaven. My own super closet - free to be as organized or disorganized as I choose with floor to ceiling shoes and no boys allowed.

I took these shots of the kids today out at our house. It was 90 degrees in Redding today - apparently 15 degrees warmer than the highest recorded high (according to my own personal weather station/husband). Anyway, the bottom floor is almost finished with framing. We watch for the 2nd story with anticipation and excitement - we can't believe we are finally doing this.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Funny Bunnies

These are my sore attempts at group shots on Easter Sunday. You know I don't do so well with the posed ones, but I couldn't resist sharing these as especially in the top one, you can see their personalities shining through. You can see that Liv thinks if she covers her face, we can't see her. She also does that with her hand and her ear - she covers her ear if she is uncomfortable or doesn't want to hear what you have to say. We call it "hear no evil." I suppose that makes these "see no evil." Daddy is the one who makes them giggle for the camera...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


These are some pics from this morning. Our little Boogiboo was on fire at church this morning. She sat through the first part fine with us and then after Blake and Arabella went off to bible study, she started messing with Gary and I...really just giggling at nothing like she tends to do. (People look at us like we are tickling the poor child, but she just giggles at whatever is going on inside her little head) I took her outside to hang out and get the giggles out. She was being so cute, I had to grab my camera. I couldn't pick a favorite, so I just put them all up here. She was playing with her new bunny purse that the Easter Bunny left her this morning. I am working on editing the pictures from the rest of the morning, but until then, here is my baby girl.

Friday, April 3, 2009

No Explanation Required

Arabella...a camera...the opportunity to pose...

Here she is - hair unbrushed and all dancing for Mommy in the yard yesterday afternoon. We have had beautiful weather to enjoy so we have been spending as much time as possible outside and hoping to get rid of some these germs that have plagued our house.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Having One of Those Days...

We really aren't having one of "those" days I suppose as the kids are all almost well, but I could not resist posting these pictures of Olivia's crazy hair. The girl's hair is growing like wild and totally out of control. Not surprising, I suppose, given her personality. Some days she lets me fix it, other days she pulls it out immediately. This was one of those "wear it till I'm mad at Mom" days were she pulled out her "double dooty dog ears" at dinner time and ended up sporting this "do" for the rest of the evening. I think she looks like she has little horns, which is comical given she is our own little devil. Wouldn't you agree??