Saturday, March 14, 2009

Out of the Mouth of a Babe

You know Arabella always has something interesting coming out of her mouth. On Wednesday, I made a Target run and after a browse down the Easter aisle, came home with some creme eggs for the kids. I got Arabella and Blake each a box of the miniature kind and planned on using them as bribes and rewards (I've got to do whatever I can around here:).
Arabella is big on writing her own stories these days so I am constantly spelling out the words she doesn't know for her. Wednesday evening as we were waiting for Gary to come home for dinner, Arabella was again on one of her spelling kicks. I barely paid attention to what she was asking me to spell as I was managing our evenings activities, i.e. dinner, crazy baby, semi-sick children, etc. After I was cleaning up dinner I noticed their creme egg boxes pushed up against the back of the counter with some writing in black marker all over them. This is what I found: "Bella Boo - Dad do not touch the chocolate eggs. Thanks." I found the same on the other box only she wrote Blake's name first. It was so hilarious to me because she knows her Daddy - a chocolate thief himself. Gary got a good laugh when he came home and saw it - one chocolate monster to another.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fashion Show 2009

Arabella and her girlfriends were in a PTO fashion show last weekend for their school. Arabella decided she was going to be a "bridesmaid" for the show and plucked some roses from one of my vases before she walked out the door. Blake was very sick that evening, so I did not get to attend the event, but Gary took the camera along and captured some moments from the evening. The girls are growing up so fast.