Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ruffy Massin In The Fur

The night before Blake's birthday I sat with him in his bed talking to him about his wishes for his birthday. I was in the middle of filling out his "Star of the Week" poster that evening, which asked for 3 wishes and it coincided with his birthday. He told me he wished he could be in space with a shooting star, that he wished he could be a dog and have a dog costume and that he wished he could marry Mommy (my fav!). GiGi had just phoned the night before to tell me that Blake's birthday gift was on it's way and after some begging from me, told me what she had got him - a Dalmatian dog costume. It gave me such a smile to hear that Blakey wanted the dog costume and that GiGi knew it even though Blake had never expressed his wish out loud before that night. When his box came in the mail, he was very excited to open it. He checked it out and then in true 3 year old fashion, refused to put it on. I did not push the issue as I have become wise in my old age and realize that they will all eventually come around and that this was not a battle I needed to fight at this moment. Fast forward to this last weekend - we were trying on Halloween costumes. He said he wanted to be Spiderman although I was pretty certain he would not want that sock on his head - so I bought the Superman costume as well. He was so excited to put it on, but his tune quickly changed as he decided the muscles were annoying and he was NOT going to be Superman or Spiderman either. Gary suggested an old Pooh Bear outfit which he tried on gleefully, then ripped off as it was "itchy." He then announced he wanted his Ruffy Massin costume and ran and got it out of his room. You can see from the pictures, it was a hit. He puts it on everyday and chases his Sissies around the house, plays fetch and acts like the dog he wishes he was. I love this age.

I asked him to growl here and he jumped up in the air and barked. I was so mad that I cut off his head, but still liked the picture because of his smile.
Checking out his paws...
Fetching the ball...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jog-a-thon 2008

Grant School had their annual Jog-a-thon last Friday. It's a really great event because not only does it get the kids running, but it helps raise money that goes straight into their own classrooms. Arabella's teacher, Mrs. Duralia (this is one of her pet projects) got all of her 20 students a red shirt to wear during the run so we could easily identify them during the kindergartner's laps (each grade ran separately). The shirts were all American themed and they got to choose what they wanted. If you will observe Arabella's shirt above, it's hard to read, but it says "Future Miss America". I just shook my head when I saw it thinking about how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Anyway, this is Arabella with her BFF, Willa, and their new friend Mikayla. I have some other pics from the day below. And on another note, this event may have inspired our little runner in Arabella as they have been prepping for this event for the last month...last weekend she ran 2 miles with her Daddy and then a mile with me yesterday. Mine will be short lived as I am not much of a runner, but maybe she will follow in her Daddy's running shoes and run a marathon some day...

This was so funny because as they were getting ready to start, some of the kids took it very seriously as though they were racing...Arabella...not so much.
My Pooh Bear in action...she ran her heart out.
Her sixth grade buddy, Hannah, made an appearance on the field, much to Arabella's delight. She LOVES her 6th grade buddy.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big Brother

These are just some random shots of Blake and Liv playing together in the backyard. It's been interesting to watch their relationship develop. Blake used to look at her like she was just a loud little lump who took attention away from him - she used to look at him in fear of what he might hurl in her direction next. They have grown to really love each other in the last few months - especially with Arabella in school full time. They have a whole new appreciation for each other and it's really quite cute how close they have become. They still fight over my lap or toys, but they also have those moments where they give each other this twinkly little look and then gang up on me together full of giggles. Blake has turned into an awesome big brother that his baby sissy adores.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm a Barbie Girl...

Arabella put her Barbie shirt on Livvy the other night, and Liv could not have been more thrilled. I just want to give her big kisses when I look at these pics. We give big thanks to Big Sissy for the entertainment for everyone.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Burberry Girl

I had to post these photos as Livvie was looking so adorable in her Burberry dress. I guess I should say in "Arabella's Burberry Dress." This was a gift from my dear friend, Meg Purdy, when Arabella was about 9 months old. Of course, I saved it because it's so cute and it's Burberry - I don't think I own anything Burberry beyond sunglasses. Anyway, I had my little fashionista dressed like this today for the Grandparent's Day program at Arabella's school. I will add some photos of that later (Mommy needs some editing time), but here is little Boogiboo in her Burberry with a bucket full of shells.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Girl on the Loose

This was Little Boogie at Arabella's soccer game last weekend after Blake's birthday party. She started out calm enough, but went from curious to full-on wild during the course of the game. She had no shoes on and began running through the grass chasing after her brother or sister or nothing at all giggling with glee. It was completely hilarious to watch her discover the feeling of grass between her toes. She would full on run - take a huge digger on her face - keep on laughing and get up and go after it again. It was pure joy in the moment - and fortunately for Mom and Dad, we had the digital and video camera to capture it. Boogie is priceless.

Birthday Boy 2008

The smiles here are what I like to see, but they only tell part of the story from his party. He has been to this bounce house place many times and loves the jumping and climbing, but as he walked into the room on this afternoon and everyone was looking at him and wishing him a happy birthday, the 3 year old inside of him retreated to Mommy. Now, you all know I love all of the loves, but I really wanted my boy to enjoy his party. He pretty much clung to me the entire time we were in the play structure rooms. I took him up and down the slides on several occasions, but he kept a pretty tight grip on my leg or around my neck. Finally as we went to enjoy pizza, cake and gifts, my boy came around. As soon as he got some pizza in him, he was all smiles and chatter - just what we want to see. These photos are priceless for me as a Mom as they show how quickly a 3 year old can go from sad to happy to scared to elated. But, as I said, I really like the loves...I will take them whenever I can get them.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Blakey!

My Big Boy turned 3 today. I am working on his pictures from the party, but I thought I would put a couple of them up now. I love this kid so much. He is such a gift...such a blessing...such an angel. If I could freeze time and keep him like this forever, I would do it. He is perfection.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Miss You, Daddy

Today would have been my Daddy's 59th birthday. It's hard to believe he has been gone for almost 3 years now. I never thought his last birthday would truly be his last. He was taken from us far too soon. I can just hear him if he were with us today...I would wish him a Happy Birthday and he would have cracked a joke about Mom still being older than him. That was Daddy. I miss him so much and think about him everyday. I am sad f0r my kids that, aside from Arabella, they will not ever know their "PaPa." He would have loved them so much. I can just see him shaking his head at the little sassy lady that Arabella has become...I can see him having so much joy in getting to know sweet Blakey...I can see him laugh at my giggly little Brynn...so many things that I wish we could have shared with him. I love you so much, Daddy. I miss you. We all miss you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Pretty Pooh Bear

My pretty little Pooh Bear dressed herself up yesterday and asked me to come and take some photos of her. In light of the fact itwas 2:00 in the afternoon and there was bright 100 degree sun everywhere, she opted to played in the shade. She looked so delicate and sweet - I had to share.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Putting the Baby to Work

We are trying to start her young here so we already have her mopping and mowing the lawn. Not only does she like it, she asks to do it. Genius, huh? What is it with kids and housework? They just love it and would give anything to do it. We, as adults, would give anything not to do it. Go figure. Nonetheless, Boogiboo is looking pretty cute doing her chores.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ahh - To be Two Years Old...

To be Two...To be Two...To be Two!! I will say it over and over for the next week as I am savoring the last few days of my boy being 2 years old. I know, it's kind of crazy, but knowing how quickly they grow up once they hit three, I am holding on to two as long as I can. I can just see my sister rolling her eyes at me right now - just the way she did with Arabella as I called her TWO literally right up to the day of her birthday. I would say, "But, she is only 2..." To which my sister would respond, "Erica, she is three. It's less than a month away - she is three." I am standing my ground that Blake is two until Saturday. It makes me feel like he is still a little bit of my baby. I digress...Anyway, Blakey was looking so cute yesterday after he woke up from his nap - wearing this long sleeved white shirt (it's 100 degrees) that he INSISTED on wearing and his little Spiderman underwear. It was just adorable. I asked him if I could take some pictures of him outside while we waited for Daddy and Liv to return from the Home Depot. I got very little cooperation, but I got some cute shots that all encompass my Blake. It's amazing how when a child is TWO years old, they can go from total jubilation to scared to sad to proud - all in the same 5 minutes. I know this will continue even when he turns three, but I am just relishing say 'My son is two' for the last few days I have. He's two years old - he's only two years old...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Baby Belugas

I suppose I should stop calling them "babies" since Blake and Arabella are clearly no longer babies, but I suppose they will always be my babies, so I will go with it. We have been trying to get in some underwater shots before the pool gets too cold. I don't know where the summer has gone, but suddenly fall is knocking on the door and the pool is cooling off. Arabella and Blake are becoming such fast and strong swimmers. It's amazing to watch their progression. As for Livvy, she just likes to jump around and splash at this point, but we'll get the pool drill sergeant after her next year (aka Daddy). Anyway, here are a few pics from the season. They are not the greatest, but this is what we got with some mediocre lighting and a $10 camera. We have one more camera we are using up and hope to get a few more shots before Daddy completely refuses to get in anymore because of the temperature. I have already gotten to that point. I guess that is just another sign that we are getting old.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Babies are Back!

Gary took the two big kids to the coast for some camping this weekend. While Liv and I missed them terribly, they all had so much fun. Daddy took over 300 pictures while over there, so I kind of felt like I had been there while I was editing them last night. Here are 5 of my favorites. I am so glad to have them home as is Liv, who thinks the universe is quite boring without brother and sister to light up her world:)
Here is Arabella on Aggot Beach
Here is Blake at Fern Canyon
Here is my little sassy pants
And here is my favorite picture ever of Gary & Blake - captured by Linda in a quick moment