Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brag on My Boy

A proud Mommy is pleased to announce that our son Blakey is officially swimming on his own. He has been our "baby shark" all summer - enjoying the pool like a wildman and making Mommy & Daddy a bit nervous from his lack of fear. The weekend after we brought Livvy home from the hospital, our boy just took off - he would jump in the pool after his sister and was suddenly able to get his head above water all on his own. We are so proud of him since he is not quite 2 years old and already such a little fish...

Arabella also has a new trick of her own - she does flips into the pool. She does front flips and side flips at this point and does them over and over making up new variations each night. We are picturing a gymnast or an Olympic diver now...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Our New Venture

Inpsired by my dear friend, Megan, I have decided to start a blog for my family. We recently completed our family of 5 with the addition of Olivia Brynn, born July 23rd. Our oldest daughter, Arabella, is 3 1/2. Our son Blake will be 2 on September 13th. We have been adjusting to life with 3 children quite easily as Olivia is an angel sent from above. She is truly a sweet, very easy baby, and Bella & Blake love her so very much. We feel very blessed.